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FBI collects location data as evidence of the Capitol Attack investigation, arrest for viral iPhone video, armed robbery at Boost Mobile store, and more in Apple Crime Blot this week.

The last of a casual Appleinsider series, watching the news from the world of Apple-related crime.

Participants in the Capitol uprising could be arrested iPhone and smartphone data

When hundreds of people stormed the United States Capitol during the 2020 electoral count, one thing was very noticeable: many of them were holding iPhones.

In the days following the attack on Capitol Hill on January 8, it was clear that iPhones would play a significant role in the arrests and possible prosecutions of some participants. Many of those who participated in the insurgency not only filmed and broadcast footage, but were also seen on cameras in photos and videos shot by others, sometimes committing crimes.

These phones emitted location data and law enforcement also used facial recognition technology, including the controversial app. IA Clearview, who Apple banned in February 2020.

The FBI, by The edge, collected more than 100,000 digital evidence linked to the Capitol attack, and more than 170 files had been opened as of January 12. At least one criminal complaint for a person charged in connection with the attack specifically referred to an iPhone search, which revealed location data.

Meanwhile, several members of Congress have reported the theft of computers from their offices. Representative Jim Clyburn, a member of the House Democratic leadership, was originally said to have had his iPad flew during the insurgency, although it was later determined that a staff member had moved it, reports CNN.

Woman who accused teenage girl of stealing iPhone in viral video is arrested

The woman featured in a viral video in December in which she accused a black teenager of stealing her iPhone from a New York hotel – and later appeared to assault him – was stopped. According to CBS News, the 22-year-old woman was arrested in her home state of California and faces multiple charges including attempted robbery, attempted robbery, endangering well-being of a child and attempted assault.

New Apple Patent Seems To Show Method Of Security For Apple Store Tables

The pandemic has led to a significant drop in reports of armed robberies in Apple stores, but Apple appears to be thinking about how to deal with this problem in a post-coronavirus world. Apple obviously Point that Apple had filed a patent application in early 2020 for a technology called “Product-Display System”. SEO Georges yang as a principal inventor, the application describes the new system as “a product display system for displaying and securing a retail product”.

Police are looking for two accused of fraudulent purchase in the New Jersey Apple Store

A man and a woman are wanted in northern New Jersey, suspected of stealing someone’s identity, ordered an iPhone online, and then picked it up at the Apple Store in Bridgewater, NJ. Tap into the breeze, the two people were spotted in security footage near the store.

82 iPads stolen from Ontario schools are recovered

Over 80 iPads that were stolen public schools in Brampton, Ontario, have now been recovered. CTV News reports that there were several nightly school break-ins over the course of several months, when iPads and MacBooks were washed away.

A 17-year-old from Brampton has been charged in connection with the thefts.

FBI used smartphone data to track down Ghislaine Maxwell

The July arrests of accused sex trafficker and Jeffrey Epstein co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell in New Hampshire were made possible by the FBI’s tracking of data on Maxwell’s cell phone. The daily beast writes Maxwell “open a mobile account under the name of “G Max” and used it to communicate with relatives.

It is not known if it was Maxwell’s iPhone that was ultimately followed, although It has been reported after her arrest that Maxwell had an iPhone and iPad with her while she was living incognito. In addition, the FBI had “found a cell phone wrapped in aluminum foil among its possessions.”

14 iPhones caught in Boost Mobile armed robbery

A man from Pennsylvania has been arrested in December and charged with six felonies after being accused of stealing 14 iPhones at gunpoint from a Boost Mobile store. According to, the same man was also accused of robbing a Family Dollar store.

$ 100,000 jewelry theft includes Apple Watch

A man from South Carolina reported that more than $ 100,000 in jewelry has been stolen from home, with money Apple watch among the objects taken.

The Times and the Democrat reports that in addition to the Apple Watch, the items taken included “a tiger eye ring, a black diamond bracelet, a sapphire anklet, a sapphire bracelet, a sapphire ring, a diamond ring cognac, a black diamond ring, a large black nameplate and chain, a gold diamond, a 4 carat pinky diamond ring, a gold Rolex watch with a black dial. “

Meanwhile, another man living in the same residence reported the theft of “$ 150 in dollar bills he had kept in a jar.”

Amazon employees in India accused of stealing iPhones

Two employees of an Amazon warehouse in Gurugram, India, were stopped for the alleged theft of 38 iPhones. According to, the thefts occurred when the facility’s security checks were suspended due to coronavirus.


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