CURevl Announces New Product Launch with FRB Federal Credit Union | Texas

GALVESTON, Texas, July 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CU REVL SARL (CURevl) today announced the launch of a suite of personalized educational products for FRB Federal Credit Union Washington DC and its members. CURevl leverages its proprietary technology and industry experience to create products as individual as each credit union.

“CURevl is honored to be a partner of FRBFCU in the service of Federal Reserve Board and CFPB employees and their families,” said Tim kulesha, COO at CURevl. “Our origination system makes it quick and easy to launch a new product aimed at attracting new members to the credit union.”

“We are very happy to offer great student loan options to our members,” said Therese Trimble, CEO of FRB Federal Credit Union. “The pandemic has demonstrated, in a very painful way, the importance of higher education and the options it offers for different career choices. We are honored to help our members gain this stability and flexibility.

For more information on the program and CURevl, visit

CU REVL LLC (CURevl) is a Texas based credit union service organization. Our team of education finance gurus are constantly looking for ways to help credit unions create solutions to attract new, younger members. Owning our own technology gives us the flexibility to offer everything from full outsourcing to remote licensing.

  • Program templates make the process painless
  • Most programs are implemented in less than 45 days
  • Most clients report that it takes less than 10 hours per month to administer the program

About FRB Federal Credit Union

Our mission is to meet the unique financial needs of each of our members, both short and long term, so that they can build a strong financial life and free themselves from financial worries for themselves and their families. We offer competitive lending and savings rates, low fees, and each member receives our personal attention. For more information on membership, please visit

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