Former College Diner prepares to become the Hudson Valley Credit Union

The former College Diner will become the Hudson Valley Credit Union. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

The developers of the proposed Hudson Valley Credit Union location for the former College Diner site in New Paltz, like those involved in the Trans-Hudson project, aim to use a fake second floor, but the location is key: this site is in an area where second floors are not mandatory, but recommended. These plans, presented at the New Paltz Town Planning Council meeting on November 22, call for improvements that are no understatement: the amount of paving will be reduced by more than half, a septic tank in the buffer wetland will be remediated and replaced with one completely outside the buffer zone and ports for bicycle parking and electric vehicle charging have been included in the proposal without anyone having to ask. There is an extremely wide state right-of-way in front of this property, and the removal of the old parking lot will bring this property more in line with what is permitted there.

A waiver would be required for the self-driving drive-thru offered at the rear, as drivers rarely turn off their cars while in line, and to cut this source of pollution they are simply not allowed without a unanimous vote of members of the planning advice. , or a majority vote in city council, or a deviation from the members of the zoning appeal board. The new dumpster would stay in the wetland buffer zone, but the developers hope it won’t be that bad because it will mostly contain paper, and it’s quite different from the garbage thrown out of a restaurant.

Board members need to address the issue of drive-thru lanes, as denial of this aspect can cause the business to fail altogether. The developers, for their part, are invited either to develop pedestrian paths in the parking lot as required by the code, or to add them to the list of requested exemptions. This list of exemptions should be distributed to the members of the board of directors in the near future.

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