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Ent Credit Union Growing so rapidly that the $ 8.1 billion financial institution will reach capacity at its new Colorado Springs headquarters by the end of next year and could start another building within two years.

Ent began moving groups of 200 employees to the new building on June 28 and will complete the process on August 10. The head office will house approximately 800 of Ent’s 1,300 employees in its call center, consumer and mortgage loans, information technology, finance and accounting, resource rights, member services and administration

The state’s largest credit union had planned to sell the two buildings it owns near Interstate 25 and Woodmen Road after moving into the five-story, 325,000-square-foot replacement northeast of Interstate 25 and the InterQuest Parkway. But after a failed building sale deal, Ent will hang on to it for now as it determines whether space is needed before the next phase of its 27-acre campus – which can accommodate four more buildings. totaling 700,000 square feet – could be prepared, said Rich Scholes, Ent experience director.

From In-N-Out to downtown hotels; Colorado Springs commercial construction is not slowing down

“We haven’t fully decided what to do yet, so we’ll wait until we have completed this project and moved in before making that decision. I wish I had already started (the next phase), but we’re probably two years away,” , Scholes said. “Our priorities are to invest in regional expansion, digital (capabilities) and space for employees, but digital is the top priority as the demand for digital services has increased so much during COVID. We will likely put it on hold. arrival of all our employees on this site. “

The new building gives Ent more than double the 125,000 square feet it occupies in the other two buildings and a third which is rented; when that lease expires at the end of the year, that space will be returned to the owner, Scholes said. The new facility was supposed to support its operations for seven to 10 years when the credit union announced plans for the new headquarters in January 2019. Ent increased its assets by 45% and added more than 85,000 members and 450 employees in the past 2.5 years since. then, according to data from the National Credit Union Administration.

Colorado Springs major construction projects progress to 2021

The new building is designed to help Ent attract and retain employees with a two-level cafeteria that faces Pikes Peak and is operated by a Michigan-based company. Creative catering services, plus a fitness center with cardio and weight-lifting machines, spinning bikes, and a yoga studio; eight training rooms; workstations which can be raised and lowered for standing or seated work; rooms for employees to make private phone calls and many other amenities.

Ent Credit Union Completes Purchase of Colorado Springs Site for New Headquarters

“This building represents four years of planning and construction and over a million man hours and we have invested in the future of Ent during the pandemic,” said Scholes. “We wanted to build a high quality place where we can attract and retain the best talent – this is the biggest challenge we face. We’re a service organization, so our service is as good as the people we hire and the training we give them. “

Ent paid $ 17 million in 2019 for The Campus at Foothills Farm site, which is part of the 450-acre mixed-use development called The Farm, from La Plata Communities, developers of the Briargate area; it spent an additional $ 78.3 million on the headquarters building and a four-level, 825-space parking lot, according to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. GE Johnson Construction Co., based in Colorado Springs, is the general contractor for the project.

Ent to Open New Headquarters in Colorado Springs

Ent has expanded its reach over the past five years to include 10 Front Range counties, stretching from Pueblo and Cañon City to Fort Collins, and has added 15 branches over the past two and a half years with plans for four to six more per year over the next several years. . Much of the expansion will take place in the Denver area and northern Colorado. Ent operates 43 branches along the Front Range.

Ent’s new head office is located on one of the city’s most popular trade corridors. Penrose-St. Francois Health Services began construction in May of the 72-bed St. Clare Hospital, its third campus in Colorado Springs. Burger In-N-Out last year opened a restaurant, distribution and production facilities in the region, which is also home to several high-tech data centers and manufacturing plants, the InterQuest Marketplace shopping complex, the lodge of the great wolf and several other hotels and restaurants.

Ent Credit Union plans new headquarters in northern Colorado Springs

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