Pit Bull Pen receives $10,000 donation from Numerica Credit Union

BENTON CITY, Wash. — A local animal shelter has received a $10,000 donation from Numerica’s “Give Where You Live” program to help complete its new building.

The Pit Bull Pen Rescue is located in Benton City but serves all of eastern Washington and surrounding areas. Primarily a foster-based program, Rescue focuses on pit bull and bully breeds, but will help all dog breeds.

The organization has over 60 dogs currently in its care. Recently, they even took in dogs from the Tri-City Animal Shelter after the shelter was closed by the Pasco Police Department.

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But they hope to do even more with the addition of a new facility, which is nearing completion.

“We have tons of programs that we’re going to try to roll out,” said Trish Trinkit, executive director of Pit Bull Pen. “We want to do as much as we can and have the biggest impact possible.

The recent donation will go towards finishing the building, which will be able to house an additional 20 adult dogs. Currently, the organization can accommodate 4 adult dogs.

“We will always be in foster care,” Trinkit said. But it will allow us to help with stray dogs, emergency catches, [and] we will have a real building to house them until we can place them in foster care.

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The building will also have a medical room, where they can administer dog vaccinations and microchips, and a large training room for group lessons.

Trinket said the building could be finished in a few months with the new donation, “We’re so close, we just have the power, then our inspections, then we’re good to go.”

But building isn’t the only exciting thing the Pit Bull Pen provides. They also hope to get a van soon and offer free vaccinations and microchipping to dogs in the community.

“Parvo and so many other bad things are out there,” Trinkit said. “It’s the only way to reduce this.”

Pit Bull Pen is looking for more foster families and volunteers to help with the dogs. For more information on how to help, click here.

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