The credit union helping people avoid loan sharks in Lancashire may need your help

The organization, which offers savings and loans and helps people avoid loan sharks and high-interest payday loans, has a number of open seats both on the board and in various committees.

David Owen, the credit union’s new president, has called for new directors and non-executive advisers to join its board.

Councilor Owen said, “I am honored to be part of this wonderful organization that is so dedicated to helping people in our community stay out of debt and escape bad debt. The credit union serves an enormous good for the people of this region, regardless of their financial situation, providing a safety net for those who need it and the opportunity to be part of an ethical cooperative for those who want to help the others.

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David Owen, Chairman of Clevr Money

“But while we are a community-focused not-for-profit organization, we are also a professional financial institution fully FCA regulated, FSC backed and subject to annual audit. We are managed and governed like any other financial institution, so the board of directors overseeing our operations must include people with the skills and expertise to provide review and support to the operating team.

“We welcome applications from anyone in all of our communities who wants to help advance the mission of the credit union, whether it’s someone representing our borrowers and savers, or someone who wants to use his professional experience to help us achieve our goals.”

Originally in Blackpool for the benefit of residents, the credit union has extended its reach to help people across the whole of the Fylde coast and as far as Preston and Lancaster.

It is hoped that vacancies can be filled by community representatives, people with experience helping people in need, or people working for one of the credit union’s payroll partner organizations. such as local councils, hospitals, schools and local businesses. Banking, accounting, legal, compliance, IT, management or marketing professionals are also welcome to apply to contribute their expertise.

Anthony Brookes and Jackie Colebourne of CLEVR Money

Councilor Owen added: “The awards are only given out of gratitude and solidarity, but they are great. The staff at the credit union do an incredible job of helping people sort out their finances, and the support of our board members is invaluable in this endeavor. There is great satisfaction in getting involved and helping to make a real difference for people in our communities.

To learn more about the local credit union, go to www.CLEVR.Money or to inquire about board nominations, please email Councilor Owen at [email protected]

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