The new name of the credit union has a lot of… Zing

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Some might say that a Colorado credit union’s new brand has a lot of pizzazz.

And that was the whole point of the recent renaming of the former $457 million Denver Community Credit Union to Zing Credit Union.

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines zing as a noun with its No. 1 entry as “a shrill buzzing sound”, while its second entry defines the word as “a pleasantly exciting or stimulating quality: Zest has truly spiced up this industry”. And at least in the Denver market, maybe Zing Credit Union has already accomplished that.

To answer questions from curious and perhaps somewhat confused members about the credit union‘s new branding that officially launched in April, Zing posted a social media video last week featuring chief marketing officer Rachael Calderon and vice president of strategic outreach Helen Gibson.

Zing Credit Union logo. Zing Credit Union logo.

Calderon acknowledged that Zing sounds “really out there, like a far left field out there, almost like some kind of fizzy soda”.

So she asked Gibson, where does the name come from?

Gibson said Barefoot Public Relations was hired to help research and create a new name. The Denver-based company took a close look at the credit union’s culture, its market research, and held focus group sessions with board members, staff, and members.

“They [Barefoot Public Relations] got direction from us. We said we wanted a shorter, easy-to-remember name that encompasses the Denver metro area and differentiates us from other credit unions,” Gibson explained. “Often we were confused with Credit Union of Denver, Colorado Credit Union or Credit Union of Colorado. There are just a lot of location-focused names out there. And finally, we wanted a name that represents our energy to make an impact in our community.

After discussing hundreds of proposed names, including a few suggested by Barefoot Public Relations, the credit union chose Zing.

“We chose him on purpose to meet the criteria that were mentioned and because he represents that energy. Now I had a member say, “Well, that’s a rocking name for the fences.” And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Because that’s what our people want to do. They want to swing for the fences and hit home runs for our members. »

Zing’s 97 employees operate five branches and a drive-thru serving more than 36,000 members.

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